Yes I’m a man,
I’m a fragile man -
I’m a man.
Light of step and
soft of touch
A gentle man.
— Jobriath


The quote above is from one of my favourite songs, and is a source of inspiration for me when it comes to my life, and specifically my photogrpahy. The singer claims his own masculinity and defines it as elegant, gentle, fagile and soft all while reinforcing that these characteristics are what makes him a man. 

The current purpose behind my photography is to change the way people view masculinity. We have allowed a warped view of masculinity to become the societal norm, which intern breeds its own hate, homophobia, self loathing and fear within men. If we allow our perception of masculinity to change, I think it will open a world of self accceptance that men desperately need. I aim to help dismantle toxic masculinity and to inspire a new generation to claim and redefine what masculinity is. Being masculine is more than what is defined by "traditional" standards, and when a man strays from these standards it shouldn't be shocking, absurd or chastised. In my work I try to use colours and styling that are seen as inherently feminine to compliment the male form and to allow the definition of masculinity to expand beyond "macho" and blur into "femme".

We are men, and masculinity is ours to re-define.